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     Your Trustworthy Business Partner |  Date: 22/11/2019  

2. What is the core business of BJC Specialties ?
BJC Specialties initially focused strongly on basic chemicals, however, over the previous years, the portfolio has expanded and at present, we are acknowledged as being a major player within all strategic business segments. Overall we constitute one of the largest raw material distributors in Thailand covering trade through three divisions.
Bakery Ingredients Specialty Ingredients Industrial Ingredients
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1. Who are Berli Jucker Specialties Limited or in short BJC Specialties ?

BJC Specialties was established as a subsidiary of Berli Jucker Public Company Limited in 1999, although it has been operating as a product division for more than 50 years. Click Here

3. What is the main business strategy of BJC Specialties ?
BJC Specialties continuously seek ventures through new business partners, clients and acquisitions: all this is part of our business development strategy, and a product of our vision to establish ourselves as a leading raw material supplier in South East Asia. Click here


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